AEM 6.x: Architect

Duration:3 Days

adobe aem training - architect

This course focuses on the architecture design, migration methodologies, recommended practices, and performance optimization.

Course Description

This course is designed for Adobe Experience Manager architects and Senior Adobe Experience Manager developers to accelerate learning and understanding of recommended practices for AEM 6.1. Participants will gain knowledge of Adobe Experience Manager’s architecture design, migration methodologies and recommended practices, integration with Adobe and 3rd party solutions, and performance optimization. Collaborative exercises will challenge the participants, driving the creation of solution designs and applying them to implementation walk-throughs with their peers.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Compare options for data and content migration, identifying the pitfalls and impact on project schedules
  • Identify important security concepts for an AEM installation, including end user security and user management, personalization, and login modules
  • Produce scalable, high performance, user-friendly solution designs based on CRX, OAK and AEM principles
  • Create cacheable implementation plans by referencing solution designs from peer workgroup session using HTTP and REST principles
  • Identify how to increase availability and performance by following clustering and load balancing principles in an AEM deployment
  • Identify root causes of AEM performance issues and the methodology used to resolve them



This course is designed for Experience Manager Architects and Senior Developers.

Training Methods
  • On-site at Customer’s facility anywhere around the world
  • Public Classroom Training
  • Virtual/Online Training
Course Outline Download as PDF
Session 1: Exploring Adobe Experience Manager Technical Infrastructure

Hands-on exercises

Session 2: Planning Content Migrations

Hands-on exercises

Session 3: Preparing Operational and Application Security

Hands-on exercises

Session 4: CRX Deep Dive (Persistence Management, Oak Queries and Indexing)

Hands-on exercises

Session 5: Building Integration Points

Hands-on exercises

Session 6: Performance Optimization & Troubleshooting

Hands-on exercises

Session 7: Deployment

Hands-on exercises

Session 8: Creating Solution Designs

Hands-on exercises

Session 9: Performing Implementations

Hands-on exercises

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