Adobe LiveCycle ES4 - Digital Signatures Specialist

Duration:1 Day


Learn how to use Adobe LiveCycle Digital Signatures module to certify, sign and validate PDF documents on both client and server side. You will also be introduced to scribble signatures.

Course Description

The main objective of the workshop is to ensure that you can utilize an Adobe LiveCycle Digital Signatures to certify documents and validate signature.


  • Signing documents using Acrobat
  • Creating a process that will certify a document
  • Creating a process that validates the signatures on a document
  • Creating and configuring signature fields on a form template
  • Configuring Acrobat to validate signed document



This course is designed for developers who want to learn more about digital signatures

Training Methods
  • Classroom Training
  • On-site at client’s facility anywhere
  • Virtual/Online Training
Course Outline Download as PDF
Session 1: Describing signatures in PDF

Hands-on exercises

Session 2: Designing a form for Digital Signatures

Hands-on exercises

Session 3: Using LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES4

Hands-on exercises

Session 4: Configuring the client for Digital Signatures

Hands-on exercises

Session 5: Validating PDF Signatures on the client

Hands-on exercises

Session 6: Validating PDF Signatures server side

Hands-on exercises

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