Rhombuzz is the most trusted authority when it comes to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM Forms), Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Sign, Adobe DRM, and Adobe LiveCycle product expertise.


It can take 10,000+ hours of experience for one to become truly specialized and know the ins-and-outs of a complex enterprise software. The good news is that we are already ahead of those hours, so you don’t have to wait for your team to get there for your project to really take off.

Make the right decision at the right time. Experience what we have to offer.

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The Undisputed Leader in North America when it comes to AEM Forms and LiveCycle. Period.

With immense experience in complex projects dealing with forms, documents, and business workflows, RHOMBUZZ is the most complete and trusted Adobe Experience Manager Forms (AEM Forms) and Adobe LiveCycle Consulting and Training Partner in the market.

Adaptive Forms & Documents

We transform how your customers engage with your business forms and documents via digital channels

Perfect For All Screen Sizes

No matter the size of your screen or device, we design your forms and documents in such a way that they adapt and provide the best user experience.

Business Process Automation

We build business processes to reduce administrative work and eliminate errors that come from duplicate data entry

Business Process Automation

Process the applications or forms faster and gain new customers

Adobe Certified Training

We have THE FIRST instructor worldwide, certified by Adobe to teach AEM Forms. Learn from THE INDUSTRY LEADER.

Adobe Certified Training

If you are looking to become an expert at AEM Forms, AEM Sites and/or Adobe LiveCycle product lines, you have come to the BEST place.

PDF Forms Design

We help design and develop interactive and dynamic PDF forms using best practices like fragments, stylesheets, and templates wherever applicable.

Design PDF Forms

Let us help you build robust, interactive, and dynamic PDF forms


As an experienced Adobe Solution Partner and Training Partner, we are your go-to-expert to ready to assist you with whatever you need. We have some great customer feedback that voted us as the best AEM Forms and LiveCycle Partner in the worldwide market.  Are you looking to:

  • Migrate your existing paper or PDF forms to Adaptive forms that can work great on any device?
  • Eliminate the costs of re-keying data and potential errors by building a robust system?
  • Reduce the back end processing time by building sophisticated business workflows?
  • Move your business towards paperless?
  • Or, anything else?

Just contact us for a free consultation with one of our Adobe certified experts.



AEM Forms Adobe LiveCycle Public Training

AEM Forms Designer Training

This is a two-day, instructor-led workshop designed for designers who are familiar with design environments and wish to create interactive dynamic PDF templates. The workshop focuses on creating complex, dynamic PDFs using AEM Forms Designer tool and is geared towards form designers and business analysts.

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