Migrating from Adobe LiveCycle to AEM Forms 6.3

Did you know?

* Adobe is ending its core support for LiveCycle ES4 this month! That means there won’t be any more updates, and you would be on your own when it comes to supporting any issues that may crop up after March. Time is running out.

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About this Webinar

  • What do you do with the hundreds and thousands of fillable and dynamic XFA-based PDF forms your company or agency built using Adobe LiveCycle Designer tool?

  • Why are they not working even on desktop browsers?

In this session, you will understand how forms have evolved from the good old fashioned postscript based print and fill forms to the more sophisticated forms that can adapt to various devices and user responses.

  • Understand the different options available to move forward and embrace the digital transformation.

  • Learn how to leverage your existing PDF form templates and transition them to a user-and-device-friendly cross channel form delivery.

  • Learn how the digital transformation is changing the skill set required and the way you design a form or approach a form design.


Tuesday, March 13th 2018
2pm ET / 11am PT

Rajesh R. Kandasamy enjoys helping his customers (many government agencies and financial institutions) transform and streamline their business around forms and back end processes. Rajesh is currently the Managing Director at Rhombuzz Digital. He holds a Master’s in computer science and has over 16 years of experience in document/forms, content and workflow management systems. He is a renowned Adobe LiveCycle and AEM Forms product expert/speaker. He is the first person, worldwide, authorized and certified by Adobe to teach AEM Forms (formerly Adobe LiveCycle).